Technical Communication between SHENFU Group, SENSATEC GmbH and Chinese Research Academy of Environm

Issuing time:2018-12-11 14:59Author:Ding GushengSource:original works


Helena Di-Heil, Chairman of SHENFU Group,andDr. StephanHuttmann, CEO of SENSATEC GmbH visited Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Science in Beijing on 10th, December, 2018.Mr. Aijun Shi and Lin Jiang, leaders of Chinese Research Academy ofEnvironmental Science, attended the meeting.

All the attendees hadan in-depth exchange of views on the issues of soil and groundwaterremediation, treatment of volatile organic compounds. A high evaluation andkeen interest were expressed by the leaders of Chinese Research Academy ofEnvironmental Science on the technology of SHENFU Group and SENSATEC GmbH.(Jiasheng Ding)

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