Soil improvement technology

The group and the Shanghai Institute of Applied Technology jointly developed a series of soil modifiers and organic fertilizers to replace the application of a single chemical fertilizer and to gradually improve secondary saline-alkali soils and barren soils. Replace unsafe organic fertilizer, reduce soil pollution!


Land reductant Role:

1. strong release of farinfrared energy, improve soil temperature.

2. high effective activated carbon strong adsorption, water and fertilizer; enhance soil permeability.

3. The acicular granular honeycomb is the best environment for the growth of microorganism micelles.

4. large surface area, positive charge on the surface, which is favorable to the growth of microorganism, strong hydrophilicity, large amount and fast adhesion of biofilm, increasing the activity of microorganism, favorable to the contact film and growth of microorganism, and keeping more microbial biomass. It is beneficial to the mass transfer process of oxygen and nutrients and waste produced by metabolism in the process of microorganism.

5. To stabilize water quality, reduce water molecular mass, facilitate root absorption, promote plant root metabolism and optimize growth.