Environmental Quality Engineer (Technical Support) 2 people

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the identification of pollution sources such as water, soil and industrial pollution, and establish a corresponding evaluation system to supervise the control of pollution sources.

2. Responsible for organizing the development and review of environmental protection facilities management systems and operating procedures for water, soil and industrial pollution, and supervising and inspecting production implementation.

3. Responsible for organizing technical support for the development of environmental protection facilities for pollutant discharge factors, including formulating and reviewing technical transformation plans, organizing engineering design, and providing technical support and services for project implementation and commissioning operations.

4. Responsible for organizing the implementation of scientific research projects, technical research and technical references related to environmental improvement.

5. Responsible for the identification, acquisition, update and transmission of laws and regulations related to environmental protection and government control requirements.

6. Participate in the development and construction of new projects and new products, and provide technical support for environmental pollution prevention, repair and improvement for the development and construction of new projects and new products.

7. Complete the preliminary design of the conventional project independently; explain the design ideas to the owner and the design institute through the design of the process package, emphasize the key points of concern, and answer relevant questions;

8. Complete the tasks assigned by the superiors.


1. Bachelor degree or above, water supply and drainage, environmental engineering, chemical process engineering and related majors, work experience is preferred.

2. Familiar with pharmaceutical and industrial wastewater treatment technology, optimization of engineering design and commissioning operation experience of wastewater zero-emission project

3. Have a solid theoretical foundation and technical management experience, and be able to independently organize and coordinate production technology issues.

4, with organizational planning, communication and coordination capabilities, a good team spirit, able to withstand greater work pressure.

5. Master environmental protection technologies such as water, gas, sound and solid.

6. Familiar with national and local policies, laws and regulations, standards and standards for hazardous waste management.

7, familiar with computer office software.

8, proficient in English writing and communication

Please send your resume to:

Work place: Fuhai Building, Haidian District, Beijing

Environmental Engineer (Technical Sales) 1 person

Job responsibilities:

1. Participate in industrial, commercial, agricultural and other enterprise wastewater treatment, soil pollution improvement, solid pollution process design, engineering bidding to construction drawing design capabilities.

2. On-site implementation of the field adjustment project and preparation of the evaluation report;

3. Review the latest standard specifications, prepare a field adjustment plan, provide a basis for project preparation and implementation, and enhance professional competence;

4. Design liaison, communication, assistance in project management, preparation of operation manual, answering customer questions and close contact with customers

5. Responsible for project bidding, skilled bidding process and bidding.

job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in environment, geology or soil related;

2, proficient in office software, have a good ability to prepare reports and graphics file processing capabilities;

3. Initially master the relevant professional knowledge of site investigation and restoration, have relevant work experience or prioritize relevant projects with the instructor;

4. Responsible, good communication and teamwork skills.

5, proficient in English writing and communication

Please send your resume to:

Work place: Fuhai Building, Haidian District, Beijing